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iSpaze Automation proudly presents a made  in India smart Touch switch board.


  • Smooth & Lag Free Touch Operation

  • Feather Touch

  • RGB Technology Based Backlight

  • Backlight Brightness Control

  • Backlight ON/OFF Option

  • AI Detection To Prevent False Touch of Lizard.

  • Backlight Night Mode

  • Child Lock

  • Works with Main AC line / Inverter line / Solar line simultaneously

  • Surge Protection.

  • Heavy Load Compatible

  • Custom Icons

  • Custom Colour

  • Custom Material

  • Noise Less Fan Control


About iSpaze:-


  • The primary focus of iSpaze is research and development on IOT devices & makes our customers a happy customer.
  • Directly Deal With the manufacturer no 3rd party involvement.
  • No Chinese server, our own server established in the Mumbai zone powered by AWS Amazon which makes it safe & secure.
  • Best Quality with 10 Years Warranty.
  • Best Price Guarantee.
  • Works with Remote, Mobile Application & Voice Control.
  • No extra wiring or re-wiring needed.
  • No extra Hub required. Directly connects to the Wi-Fi router.
  • 100 % Designed & Developed in India.



Smart Touch Switch Board | Size : 8 M | 10 Switch Control

₹6,840.00 नियमित मूल्य
₹5,814.00बिक्री मूल्य
    • An NIT Warangal Alumni Start-up, recognized start up India Initiative.
    • iSpaze offers you 10 Years warranty which is unprecedented in the market.
    • Affordable
    • In Our Unique Design, Each relay can be configured with a separate Power supply eg. Some relays are with AC mains, some with inverter or some are on solar.
    • In Our Unique Design, Failure of one relay does not affect the others which means the others are working as before.
    • In Our Unique Design, Each point can be connected to a heavy load by replacing the high amplifier relay module
    • Memory function, If electricity is gone & when it comes back it will maintain its previous state.
    • Scheduling function,Set ON/OFF time of any appliances in your mobile.
    • Easy to install easy to service.
    • Scene Control, Create scenes, and control all your devices and appliances with just one click anytime
    • Our all products are 100% Designed & Developed in India.
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