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iSpaze Product Warranty 



  1. Your iSpaze Smart Solutions PVT. LTD. Products are covered with Total 10 Years of replacement warranty following the original date of purchase.

  2. 1st year free of cost replacement 2nd year to 10th year Rs 599 + GST For Retrofit Model & Rs. 899 + GST For Touch Model replacement charge will applicable.

  3. If a defect in product workmanship arises within the Warranty Period, you will be entitled to a Repair or Replacement of the product purchased or a similar product (based on availability).

  4. During Warranty Period Rs. 350/- iSpaze Engineer Visit Charge (Depending on availability in your area) Will Be Extra Applicable.

  5. This Limited Warranty is non-transferable and covers only the original end purchaser of the applicable iSpaze Smart Solutions PVT. LTD. Product. Proof of purchase in the form of the original purchase receipt/invoice or packaging slip is required for warranty validation and service.

  6. Warranty claims must be made directly to iSpaze Smart Solutions PVT. LTD.,

Base Price as Per Product

Rretrofit Device Rs 599/-

2 Modular Touch Switch Boards Rs 699/-

4 Modular Touch Switch Boards Rs 799/-

6 Modular Touch Switch Boards Rs 899/-

8 Modular Touch Switch Boards Rs 999/-

12 Modular Touch Switch Boards Rs 1199/-


  1. Damage caused by attempts at self-repair or a non-authorized service provider.

  2. Failure or damage resulting from misuse, modification, unsuitable physical or operating environment, power surges, or use not in accordance with the product information guide.

  3. Damage caused by force majeure (such as fire, flood, war, earthquake, snowstorm, etc.) including an act of God.

  4. Products damaged during shipping or shifting due to insufficient or improper handling (unless shipping or shifting done by the company itself).

  5. Failure of, or damage caused by, any third-party products.

  6. Any payment defaults by the customer against the product shall result in lapse of guarantee/warranty.


If you are experiencing problems with your product(s), please follow the following steps:

  1. Check your Product(s) and make sure it is still under warranty.

  2. Contact iSpaze Smart Solutions Pvt. Ltd. authorized Partner where you purchased the Products for warranty replacement (you must send back your Products to authorized seller/retailer/dealer/distributor for warranty replacement).

  3. Once the Product is received with a valid proof of purchase, subject to the terms of this warranty policy being satisfied, the Product will be replaced within 7 working days.

  4. Only Courts of Ghaziabad shall have exclusive jurisdiction on all the disputes arising out of this Guarantee/ Warranty.

Warranty Registration

Thanks for Registering !

iSpaze Engineer Visit Charge During Warranty -Rs 350/- (subject to availability in your area)

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