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iSpaze All in One Mobile App For Home Automation

With our app you can "Control Anything, From Anywhere" & makes your life Comfortable & Convenience.

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Key Features

  • Remote Control and Monitoring (From Anywhere in World)

  • Local Control (Without Internet)

  • Scheduling

  • Grouping

  • Custom Scene

  • Device Sharing With Family

  • Over the Air (OTA) firmware upgrades

iSpaze Mobile App Configuration

  • Click on Signup Tab

  • Enter email id & password

  • Accept T&C & Click on Register

  • Select Wi-fi Network

  • Enter Wi-fi Password

  • Does any rewiring required to automate my old home ?
    No, Our Devices are perfectly compatible with your existing wiring and appliance.
  • What is iSpaze Product, and what does it offer?
    We are manufacturer of retrofit switches and smart touch switch board in india. retrofit switches can be easily fitted inside your switchboard by a local technician & allowing you to control home appliances like lights and fans, ACs, Geysers etc wirelessly Through your mobile, remote and Alexa/Google Home.
  • What is Expected Life of our Smart Home Devices ?
    We Design our products to work perfectly for 10 years or longer. if any damage occurs during 10 years, you can raise replacemet request any time from our website by paying (applicable only second to tenth year) the base price of the product. Base Price :- Retrofit Model- Rs. 599/- Touch Switch Boards :- 2M- Rs. 699/- 4M- Rs. 799/- 6M- Rs. 899/- 8M- Rs. 999/- 12M- Rs. 1199/-
  • Can I install iSpaze Products on my own, or do I need a local technician?
    While iSpaze is designed for easy installation, we recommend utilizing the services of a local technician, technical support over phone is avilable-9412802472.
  • Can I control my home appliances with iSpaze from anywhere in the world?
    Yes, iSpaze provides remote control functionality through the iSpaze Android & iOS app. Whether you’re at home or halfway across the globe, you can manage your lights, fans, and other appliances with ease.
  • Is iSpaze compatible with voice assistants like Alexa and Google Home?
    Absolutely! iSpaze seamlessly integrates with popular voice assistants, including Alexa and Google Home, offering you hands-free control of your home appliances.
  • What if I don’t have a Wi-Fi router? Can I still use DearNest?
    Yes, iSpaze comes with a remote control, allowing you to manage your appliances even without a Wi-Fi connection. The remote control provides a convenient alternative for users who may not have access to a Wi-Fi router.
  • Can I use iSpaze to control multiple appliances at the same time?
    Yes, iSpaze allows you to create scenes and control multiple appliances simultaneously. This feature enhances the convenience and efficiency of managing your home environment.
  • Can I move iSpaze to a different switchboard after installation?
    If needed, the local technician can assist in relocating iSpaze to a different switchboard. However, please consult with the technician or our customer support for guidance on the proper relocation process.
  • How do I troubleshoot issues with iSpaze, and is customer support available?
    For troubleshooting guidance, refer to the user manual provided with iSpaze. If you encounter any difficulties, our customer support team is available to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.
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